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freedom of information/privacy act request - uscis

Searches may be authorized for national security purposes. In the event of a foreign government request, requests will be approved when it meets two criteria, including an articulate and reliable reason, such as to: Ensure the proper disposition of the requested information. Ensure the appropriate law enforcement or national security investigative requirements. Provide other lawful Government services. In the course of processing a request, the information will be processed quickly and efficiently. For further information, contact: NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAM National Counterterrorism Center Department of Homeland Security 200 Pennsylvania Ave.

Request records through the freedom of information act or privacy

Process and respond to your request. You must first submit an electronic FOIA request. If your request meets the requirements below, USCIS must respond to your request within 60 calendar days. All requests must include the “Original” or “Transferred” signature of the requester.  This fee covers the standard processing cost of processing an electronic FOIA request. Do not use this fee to supplement any other fee/service you might be charged. The fee should be paid as part of your fee for processing your electronic FOIA request. Electronic FOIA requests that were received in electronic format will generate a notification indicating the availability for processing when you click the link. We have the following requirements for your FOIA request: Required by 42 § 61143 (a) A FOIA request must include a written description of the records or portions of records to be reviewed. In some instances, an additional fee might be required if the.

form instructions v5 - uscis

See also a sample response (Form G-639) to the above. We do not need the form G-639 to request personal information from USCIS, but, to request a copy of a DHS record, please contact the DHS Privacy Office at. They will give you the contact information for their records management office in your state. (You must be a state resident to be able to request information from the DHS directly. If you live outside the US, you must contact DHS directly.) If you are a citizen, you may request DHS records as long as you are authorized to do so by your state or the agency to which you owe allegiance. We want to know more about the personal information contained in the records we requested. How long do we need to wait to get the personal information we request? The U. S. Privacy Act requires that we receive a formal notice before.

form g-639, freedom of information/ privacy act request - ice

You can provide up to two numbers. If you have any questions, please contact us.) (Complete all items except Number 6.) Mandatory Report of Environmental Information Request () (Number 6 must be . You can provide up to ten numbers. If you have any questions, please contact us.) (Optional, please complete all required fields). If you did not complete this section, we won't be able to provide any information that you asked for. 1. What is the purpose of this study? The purpose of this study is to determine the level of alcohol use among undergraduate students using data collected during a study in the Fall 2010 semester. The survey will seek to identify the types of college students who use alcohol and to determine the types of students that are associated with this substance. 2. How will my information be kept confidential? The information collected will be collected in a private fashion. Data will be stored.

form g-639 instructions

The purpose of this request is to obtain records required under the Immigration and Nationality Act () that relate to, or that were issued in connection with, the performance or non-performance of any duty or obligation of employment under the Immigration and Nationality Act. The record(s) referred to in this request are: • Information regarding the status of applications submitted or filed under the E-Verify System and associated reports filed with, or received by, USCIS; • Information regarding the adjudication process in connection with an application for alien status under the Immigration and Nationality Act (); • Information on the use and disposition of the records required in this request, including a justification for all records to be withheld and any classification of any record. The following are examples of appropriate classifications for the records referred to in this request: • Records of investigations, detention and removal proceedings,.